2 Pin, Weatherproof Plug Set

2 Pin, Weatherproof Plug Set

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2 Pin, Weatherproof Plug Set

2 Pin Automotive Plug Set for Boats, Caravans, Bikes, Cars, Weather Proof

These connectors are easy to assemble, and easy to connect and disconnect when required.

These plugs are suitable for voltages up to 60v DC, with a continuous current rating of 20A peak, 14A continuous.

Plug size: 26mm x 17mm x 12mm (approx) Socket size: 40mm x 18mm x 12mm (approx)

Each Pack / Kit contains:

1x Male Plug

1x Female Plug

4x Rubber grommets

2x Crimp/Solder Pins + 2x Crimp/Solder Sockets

Please Note Maximum Voltage: 60v DC Maximum Current: 14 Amp (20 Amp peak @ 60v DC)

Maximum Wire Size (Without grommets): 6mm Maximum Wire Size (With grommets): 2mm

 Protection: IP56

 You can either solder to the connection pins or crimp them. Soldering would be best for long term use

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