About Us

The whole leisure world of boats has always been very close to our hearts and this led to the start of Sussex Marine Supplies.

We bought our first and very small cruiser over 30 years ago because we had worked out that we could spend the same amount buying a boat as going abroad on holiday and we would still have the boat for more than one holiday.

So we did this and moored her on the river Thames and had our first holiday since we had got married in 1981.

We loved the experience so much that we ended up spending all of our spare time there, even going so far as to work for the owners of our moorings (who became very dear to us) on their tripping / party boats to pay for our moorings and the boats upkeep.  

As we all do, we managed to gradually upgrade as and when money allowed, until we were the very proud owners of a 27ft Seamaster (she needed a lot of work but we loved her)

After a good few years the lovely couple who owned the moorings at Kingston decided to “retire” to Cornwall and we became distracted with other things, so our pride and joy was sold.

We always kept in touch with our friends in Cornwall and eventually the pangs returned and this time we took on the challenge of importing the boat that we wanted from the USA. This was another learning curve and much of what we offer for sale on this site is the result of our searching high and low for all the parts we needed at the right price (especially carburettors kits!!)

Being on the boat is still our most relaxing pastime, even when things are not going too well, as long as we can find the spares etc that we need easily and at a reasonable price, hence the reason this site came into being.

We hope that you find the products we sell of use and if we can ever help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Richard and Sara